Education for idea-driven organisations

One of our specialty areas

We are specialised in developing solutions for organisations that function from ideas. Our long experience has given us deep expertise in working with this type of organisation and we understand the needs and working methods.

Examples of subject areas

For idea-driven organisations, we have developed courses in topics such as membership recruitment, the work of the Board and the Nomination Committee, leadership, meeting technology, values, and wage formation.

Solutions based on conditions and needs

With idea-driven organisations, we work in several ways. Which solution we choose depends entirely on your conditions and needs.

  • We produce tailor-made training.
  • We provide standardised training on a membership development. These trainings are already available, so just get started.
  • We offer an easy-to-use platform where our users can gather, reuse, share and collaborate on learning materials. The platform also includes an authoring tool that makes it easy for all users to build their own training courses. All of these smart services are on the web, so you can log in from any computer to access your material.
  • We can even co-produce with you.
  • We can also coach and educate you so that you can produce e-education entirely by yourself.
  • And we do feasibility studies, needs analysis and provide educational advice.

Some examples of collaborations


  • With Lärarförbundet, we have developed whole trainings for them about board work, membership recruitment and what it means to be an agent, to name a few.


  • We work a lot in co-production, coaching and counselling with Friluftsfrämjandet.


  • Studieförbundet vuxenskolan use our platform and authoring tool, and we also produce e-trainings with them.