Learnify Tools: our training tool

Manage and create learning materials with Learnify

Take a moment to think about how much educational material is in your organisation, everything from videos to presentations. Imagine if all of that material had been in one place, was easy to find and easy to reuse. That would have been useful, right? We are happy to tell you that we have the solution to this particular need, and what’s more, in the form of our web-based tool Learnify Tools.

With Learnify Tools, you can create, manage and distribute e-education on your own. The tool is built so everyone should be able to use it, both by expert users and complete novices. But, if you need a helping hand, we’re always here to help!

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Learnify Tools contains an authoring tool that lets you build your very own web education. You can:

  • create a professional looking training with the help of ready-made templates
  • skip the templates and make your own design with drag and drop functionality.add pictures, videos and pdfs
  • quickly create all possible forms of interactivity, e.g. a quiz, reflection exercises and social forums
  • create your course from any internet-connected computer, without having to install special software
  • package and publish your material in any LMS


With the help of Learnify Tools, you can easily share your material so that more people can access it. You can:

  • reuse pages, chapters or entire courses
  • link to other courses
  • keep track of which user has created the material
  • specify different levels of access and sharing rights


Collect all educational material in one place, and you can collaborate with others and reuse the material as many times as you want. You can:

  • give several users the right to edit in your material so that you can create the content together
  • let other users reuse your material
  • tag the material with keywords so that it is easy to find and categorise
  • create copies that are linked to the original – so that updates are included in all stages
  • access the material from any internet-connected device
  • use Learnify Tools’ communicative services in the form of blogs and study places