About us

We create change through education

Learnify EdTech helps organisations and companies create change through effective education. Our goal is to be the best option for the industries we focus on.

We have a lot of experience working with learning and skills development, and our methods and tools are well proven. We have all the skills needed under one roof to support your organisation in both large and small educational initiatives.

Solutions based on your needs

It is your organisation’s needs and conditions that form the basis of our solution proposal. With the help of careful analysis of conditions and needs, we develop a solution that we jointly see will work best in the long run. Whether you want to produce everything yourself by using our easy-to-use training tool, or want us to deliver a complete tailor-made training package, we have you covered.

Long-term thought for maximised benefit

Those who work with education in a large organisation may have noticed that education initiatives involve large investments, both before and during implementation, but also afterwards when the material is to be maintained and managed. We are committed to ensuring that your investment provides a maximum long-term benefit to your organisation, and takes a great responsibility for ensuring that the project’s resources are used correctly. We are also confident that the solutions we develop will last over time. We believe that sustainable solutions require easy management and room for reuse.

Managing your own e-education with our tool

Many of our clients have lots of educational materials in their organisations, and they ask for easy ways to administer and reuse it. To meet this need, we have developed an easy-to-use training tool that helps you manage, publish, create and re-use learning materials on your own. Here you can gather the entire organisation’s educational material, publish it to different target groups, update it and follow up on how it is used. By checking all the educational material that is produced throughout the organisation, much can be reused and valuable working hours saved.

An incubator for future educational solutions

Our long experience and deep expertise give us the confidence to dare to try new things. We closely follow the development of society to be ready for future educational needs and opportunities. We also constantly look for new areas to develop, and we learn new industries and topics. Some of our solutions were completely custom-made and unique from the beginning, but over time they have evolved into standardised training programs that meet license and certification requirements for entire industries.

Our place in Learnify

Learnify EdTech is a business area in the educational company Learnify, which combines pedagogy and innovative effective solutions. Learnify also includes the Contento business area, whose focus is banking, finance and insurance. These are areas where the requirements for compliance and ethics are high, which in turn requires continuous and measurable training initiatives of the highest quality.

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