Tailored trainings

We tailor-make according to needs

We develop tailor-made training solutions based on your needs. We are with you throughout the entire process, from concept sketches to implementation and follow-up. We have all the skills needed under one roof to support your organisation in both large and small educational initiatives. We have long experience in developing education, and we follow a stable and well-proven method.

Our pedagogical idea

Our pedagogical idea is to build knowledge with a creative and insightful approach, paired with modern technology and pedagogy. We achieve this by following societal development and research within our core areas and through employees with a wide variety of competencies. We also possess a deep knowledge of today’s modern channels for learning – digital as well as analogue. Many of our clients have large target groups for their training efforts, which means that the majority of the trainings we create are web-based, but we also work with blended learning, where we mix classical teacher-led teaching with digital learning, including in the form of cases, exercises, movies, animations, VR simulations and webinars.

Case study: Lärarförbundet

Lärarförbundet wanted a web-based education as a complement to the physical basic education for new agents, where some training modules would be open to all members as well. The education needed to be easy to find and be used in a simple way in the agents’ everyday life based on time and place.

Case study: Teknikcollege

In 2014, Teknikcollege conducted a preliminary study with companies and trainers to identify successful examples and requested support in supervisory work. The results of the feasibility study showed that there was a demand for support and updated material in order to be able to smoothly carry out a qualitative supervisor training and to give the students a high quality practice.