Case studies

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Learnify EdTech has had the pleasure of collaborating with many companies and organisations over the years. Take a look at some of these projects for yourself and click them to read more.


Friluftsfrämjandet: The Convention on the Rights of the Child

In the spring of 2019, Friluftsfrämjandet, together with Learnify EdTech, developed a web-based education about the Convention on the Rights of the Child, which will become Swedish law on January 1, 2020.


Friluftsfrämjandet: Allergy-safe adventures

Together in spring 2019 with Friluftsfrämjandet and Astma- and Allergiförbundet, we conducted a digital training on how outdoor managers can allergy-safe outdoor activities so that allergic children and young people can also participate.


Lärarförbundet: Assign agents

Läraförbundet needed a web-based education to support their workplace representatives. We became Läraförbundets partner in finding a solution.


Skolverket: Validation work in theory and practice – an introduction

Validation is a process that involves evaluating and acknowledging what people have learned – no matter where, when and how this learning has taken place.


Teknikcollege: Tutor training

In 2015, Teknikcollege and Learnify developed a national industry-specific supervisor education of high industrial relevance.