Educational film

Film – a strong educational tool

Film is a fantastic tool for creating digital educational material. We are proud to be able to offer our clients an in-house production offering different types of film.

Some of film’s benefits

  • Realistic images reminiscent of the target group’s everyday life create a credible approach and give the education relevance.
  • Dramatised films can be used to illustrate scenarios, awaken emotions and create engagement.
  • Moving images reinforce narration and the experience becomes both visual and verbal.
  • Animated film can be an advantage in conveying things that are complex, such as flows, processes and how things relate to each other in an easily accessible manner.

Nedan kan du se exempel på olika typer av animerad film.

Expertise and in-house resources

We have our own professional photographer and trained staff in light, sound, scenography and casting. In our premises in central Stockholm, we have a recording studio with green screen and several sets of mobile equipment in order to quickly be able to rig recording sites all over the country.

Our photographer Jesper Rådegård leads our film production team and has extensive experience as a film/video photographer and sound engineer with a huge CV from both educational, documentary and fictional films. Jesper has produced documentary films for Sweden’s Television and filmed in many parts of the world. He and the team also have a great knowledge of photographing and filming in both pre-school and school environments.


We have all the equipment for filming both in the studio and in the forest, and why not above Stockholm’s rooftops? In the films, there are examples of pictures taken by our talented film team.

Green Screen possibilities

We have an extensive selection of film resources to help customers deliver the right message in the best possible way.

Using Green Screen is a great solution for adding more context to a video or simply making it a better visual experience for the user.

Play the video below to see how we can use green screen.

Examples of different types of film

  • Dramatised film
  • Interviews and conversations
  • Documentary film
  • Lectures and instructions
  • Animated film