Teknikcollege: Tutor training

Teknikcollege, which is a collaboration platform for the industry’s supply of skills, saw that there was a great demand for good educational material about what it means to be a supervisor for interns in industry. Together, we developed a comprehensive tutorial training aimed at those who supervise students from a Teknikcollege certified education. The solution, which consists of both teacher-led and web-based parts, was unique and much appreciated.

Our challenge

In 2014, Teknikcollege conducted a preliminary study with companies and trainers to identify successful examples and requested support in supervisory work. The results of the feasibility study showed that there was a demand for support and updated material in order to be able to smoothly carry out a qualitative supervisor training and give the students a high quality practice. Because we wanted the education to be largely based on concrete scenarios that reflect everyday life for supervisors and students, the challenge was to find real-life situations in a challenging environment.

Our solution

There was a need for both teacher-led and web-based education, and therefore we made a combined solution. Today, the digital production is available both as web-based education and in a version adapted to be implemented at a teacher-led meeting. These alternatives complement each other in that the web version can serve as a rehearsal for participants from the teacher-led meeting or a completely independent education for the person who wants to implement it individually.

The versions are divided into two parts with four and five sections per part, respectively. The participants take part in filmed situations and gets to reflect and answer questions about what they have seen. They can also interact through social exercises where they, for example, have to evaluate claims. Several exercises are reflective questions where the participants can choose to share their answers with other participants and take part of how they have responded in turn.

Our strengths

According to Teknikcollege, all short-term goals (one year) were fulfilled for the project. This refers to the number of supervisors who completed the education (approximately 600 people), implemented it in Teknikcllege regions, and where there was a greater degree of systematic work with learning at the workplace. Several participants argued that the content of the education raises many new ideas about how they can receive solid instructions in their work with supervision. The evaluation also showed that the films captured what it would be like in a real life scenario.