Åkersjön – most beautiful location of the season

Sometimes we are lucky enough to go filming at those particularly splendid places, like this April when we had the opportunity to go up north to scenic Åkersjön.

Skiing school, snow scooter riding and snack at the slope

We were at Åkersjön in collaboration with Friluftsfrämjandet (Swedish Outdoor Association), to capture wintry pictures for our film productions. The pictures will for example be seen in Friluftsfrämjandet’s new online training for group leaders, about the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Our talented film team Jesper och Karin made sure we had a lot of nice pictures to bring back home, picturing skiing kids, snack breaks at the slope, snow scooters riding in open landscapes and making tricks. And of course a whole load of fantastic ambient images of mountains, forests and sunset.


Different cameras for different pictures

With us to the mountains we had four different cameras that we used to get different angles, cut-outs and movements in the pictures.

We chose to us a drone (MAVIC 2 PRO, Hasselblad) to get nice ambient pictures that really could capture the wonderful mountain landscape. This drone is good because it’s easy to handle, it has many settings depending on what and how you want to film, and the quality of the pictures gets really good.