Friluftsfrämjandet: Allergy-safe adventures

All children and young people have the right to be outdoors, move around and have active leisure time. But many children refrain from outdoor activities for fear of allergic reactions. In Allergy-safe adventures, the person who leads children and youth groups gets to know what asthma and allergies are, what happens in the body, and what one can do as a leader to allergy-safe outdoor activities.

Our challenge

In this online training, we needed to convey both feeling and knowledge in a concise and easily accessible way. The imagery we were to produce needed to feel relevant to the target group, so – to our great pleasure – we needed to get out into nature to film some parts of the production. We also needed to convey children’s feelings and experiences in a credible way.

Our solution

The solution was a core storytelling e-education that included several film introductions. With the help of film, we could be in the right setting, in nature. We also let a subject expert convey facts about asthma and allergies, in his own words. And so, we filmed interviews with the children themselves. Allowing the children to express their emotions and experiences became an effective way of conveying why this knowledge is important. We produced all the films with our in-house resources. The production was a co-production with Friluftsfrämjandet and Astma and Allergiförbundet.

Our strengths

Many companies in our industry do not have their own in-house film teams, but rent filmmakers as needed, which of course affects the costs and logistics of the project. Because we have all the expertise in place, we can create effective, high quality film in a short space of time, even for smaller projects. Having in-house resources like these enables a strong creative process in which the screenwriter and photographer have a continuous dialogue about the visual narrative.

In this project we also benefited greatly from our own developed authoring tool. The prerequisites were such that our partner needed to be able to produce a part of the training itself – which is quite possible with our easy-to-use tool.